Scrolling Text

Familiarise yourself with the overflow property of cascading style sheets. This page a div element that has hidden overflow. Add the necessary JavaScript to this page that will allow the user to scroll up and down this block of text When they click on the up and down buttons.



Dynamic HTML (DHTML) is a technology that is used to change and manipulate the contents of an XHTML page on the fly. To a limited extent we have been able to do this already through using JavaScript statements such as document.bgColor. But our power to change parts of the page has been very limited. Using DHTML we can change the content of any of the text in an XHTML document and we can change the appearance of any element in an XHTML document. Although this may not sound like very much DHTML allows us to create applications such as animating page elements, creating drop-down menus and dynamically changing content. The possibilities offered by DHTML are endless plus there isnt any need to download plug-ins to view pages or constantly have to make calls to the server to update changes.