NumberWang (v0.7)

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Player's turn is indicated by white background.

Try to achieve WANGERNUM!

If you think you are having any problem please ensure you thoroughly check the rules before reporting yourself.

(P.S. NumberWang looks better and runs faster in Firefox.)

Based on the brilliant Mitchell and Webb's brilliant masterpiece this version of NUMBERWANG has a slightly simplified version of the rules so that it can be played on your primitive 20th century Earth computers. Proper board games and full sets of rules are, I am reliably informed, available from the brilliant Mitchell and Webb.

In some places the slight simplification of the rules necessitates the use of what you call random numbers or rather an approximation thereof available on your primitive computers.

If you are interested in how random your computer is, you can download a spreadsheet here which will generate 50 random numbers and plot them. The angle and height of the fitted line (which should be horizontal and at 0.499recurring) then gives you an indication of their randomness. It contains a macro, so you should virus scan it first.

Apologies if I've misunderstood the Chi Squared test.