Pre-requisites Project/Module/Skill Test Practical Theory
Input Practice Input Study TOTAL
M1 Induction to Centre 0.00
M1 M2 Induction to Programme 0.00
M2 M3 Induction to Health and Safety 0.00
M3 M4 Introduction to Materials 0.00
M4 M5 Mixing Mortars 0.00
M5 M6 Bricklaying Tools 0.00
M6 M7 Introduction to Site Practice end Bricklaying Skills 0.00
M7 IP1 Workshop Setting Out Exercise 0.00
IP1 IP2 Cross Joint and Bed Joint Practice -Hand/Eye Co-ordination 0.00
IP2 M8 National Standards 0.00
M8 IP3 Half Brick Wall In Stretcher Bond (Profile Assisted) 4.00 4.00
IP1 P1 Half Brick Wall in Stretcher Bond (Profile Assisted) 5.00 5.00
P1 P2 Half Brick Wall In Stretcher Bond with 3 Brick Opening (Profile Assisted) 5.00 5.00
P2 P3 Half Brick Wall Quoin with Stop End Return 2.00 2.00
P3 P4 Run In Half Brick Walling to Pre-erected Corner or Profile 2.50 2.50
Level 1 Training Completed
P4 P5 (In Pairs) Erect Corners to Given Dimensions, Returns Racked and Toothed 3.00 3.00
P5 P6 Run In to Pre-erected Corners, Establish Broken Bond, Build Raking Cut 2.75 2.75
P6 P7 Build Half Brick 'T' Juncation Build in Horizontal DPC 2.50 2.50
P7 P8 Run In to Pre-erected Internal Corners Form Indents 2.00 2.00
P8 P9 Build In to Pre-formed Indents 1.00 1.00
P9 P10 Build Half Brick Stop End with Attached Pier, Build in Engineering Brick DPC 2.00 2.00
P10 P11 Run In to Pre-erected Corners, Build In Intermediate Attached Piers, Cap Wall with Brick on End 2.50 2.50
P11 PT1 Halt Brick Walling 5.00 5.00
PT1 P12 Lightweight Block Wall (Profile Assisted), Incorporating Opening Spanned by Internal Lintel 5.00 5.00
P12 P13 90 degree Blockwork Return Attached Pier and Block Indents 6.00 6.00
P13 P14 BIockwork 'T'Junction 3.50 3.50
P14 P15 Cavity Wall (Profiles Optional), Horizontal DPC and Spacing of Wall Ties 8.00 8.00
P15 P16 Cavity Wall, Incorporating Window Frame Horizontal and Vertical DPC's 10.00 10.00
P16 P17 Cavity Wall Incorporating Window Sill, Jambs and Head; Cavity Wall to be Insulated (Full or Partial Fill) 12.00 12.00
M7 M9 Access Equipment
P16, M7 P18 Cavity Well Gable End Incorporating Scaffolding 25.00 25.00
P18 M10 Induction to Working on Site 1 0.00
WE1 M11 Work Experience 1 Evaluation 0.00
M11 PT2 Cavity Walling 16.00 16.00
P7 P19 One Brick Wall In English Bond 3.00 3.00
P19 P20 'T' Junction In English Bond 2.50 2.50
P20 P21 Flemish Bond Incorporating Attached Pier and Vertical Movement Joint 10.00 10.00
P21 P22 Hollow Two Brick Pier-Joints Recessed and Re-pointed 6.50 6.50
P21 P23 Solid Attached Pier and One Brick Wall In Flemish Garden Wall Bond 12.00 12.00
P22, P23 PT3 Solid Walls end Piers 10.00 10.00
M9, PT3 P24 Chimney Breast 7.00 7.00
P24 P25 Chimney Stack 8.00 8.00
PT3, P25 M12 Induction to Working on Site 2 .00
WE2 M13 Work Experience 2 Evaluation 0.00
PT3 P26 Segmental Arch 7.00 7.00
P26 P27 Semi-circular Arch 8.00 8.00
P27 PT4 Arch Construction and Features 12.00 12.00
IP1 P28 Settin Out 0.00
P28 PT5 Setting Out 0.00
TOTALS 0.00 210.75 0.00 0.00 210.75