Language Modules


As part of their programme, students can opt to take a language module. They should indicate this on their course option questionnaire.

All such modules are provided by the University's Language Unit. The assessment for these courses contributes to a student's overall degree result. All modules involve 24 hours of tuition: 2 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Please note that the availability of any particular language course is subject to there being sufficient student demand for the course at the level specified, and our resources. For this reason it is advisable to sign up for a language module in the Autumn Semester in case it is not available in the Spring.

We need to know how many students wish to take a particular language by 1st September.

Students are invited to select one of the following languages at beginners, intermediate or advanced level:







Modern Greek


Students are expected to choose a language relevant to their degree scheme. Please enter the language on your Course Module Questionnaire and tick the approximate level you are at; the Language Unit will be able to assess your level more precisely.

Alternatively, students can take a language module privately with the Language Unit, without it being an integrated part of their degree scheme. A small fee is charged in this case (c40 in total). Please direct any enquiries on this to:


The Language Unit

University of Bradford




E-mail: Mrs. S. B. Horsley

Tel: 01274 - 235208

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