Modules for Politics and Law


Course Structure

The course of study normally extends over a period of three years, corresponding to the three stages of study. Students will study a combination of double, single and linked compusory and optional units which may include units up to a total of 30 credits (electives) in the second and final years, chosen from units offered by other departments within the University.

Stage One

Students must study units amounting to 120 credits, including at least 100 at level one or above. All units offered within the department in stage one are at level one one.

Stage one provides an introduction to the study of Politics, as well as an introduction to Law. Students will take the following units, totalling 120 credits in the two semesters:

Stage 1 Units for Politics and Law
Code Unit Title Credits Lvl/Sem
ESP004M Comparative Politics I 10 L1S1
ESP003M Introduction to Political Science 10 L1S2
BC5001M Contract Law I 10 (linked) L1S1
BC5002M Contract Law II 10 (linked) L1S2
BC5003M Public Law I 10 (linked) L1S1
BC5004M Public Law II 10 (linked) L1S2
BC5005M English Legal Process 10 L1S1
BC5006M Law of Tort I 10 (linked) L1S2

Plus optional units amounting to 40 credits taken from the following:

Code Unit Title Credits Lvl/Sem
ESH005M Introduction to Modern European History: From Division to Unity 10 LlS1
ESH006M Modern European Ideologies 10 L1S2
BC5007M Information Technology 10 L1S1
BC5010M Legal and Business Skills I 10 L1S2
BC5008M European Business Economics I 10 (linked) L1S1
BC5009M European Business Economics II 10 (linked) L1S2
ES0601D French Language I 20 L1S1
ES0620D French Language II 20 L1S2
ES0603D German Language I 20 L1S1
ES0604D German Language II 20 L1S2
ES0613D Spanish Language I 20 L1S1
ES0614D Spanish Language II 20 L1S2
ES0627D Italian Language I 20 L1S1
ES0628D Italian Language II 20 L1S2
ES0621D Modern Greek I 20 L1S1
ES0622D Modern Greek I 20 L1S2

Students are not permitted to select modules in years two and three unless they have taken the appropriate pre-requisites in year one.

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