Politics and History


BSc Hons in SOCIAL SCIENCES (Politics / History)

UCAS code: Politics/History MV11 BSc/PH

This is a three-year course, taught at the Department of Social and Economic Studies. Your major social science discipline(s) will be Politics / History, but you have a considerable choice of which subjects you study. There is an introductory first year, after which you choose to concentrate on politics/history.

There is further flexibility whichever you choose. You may either take all your modules from within your chosen specialisation, or you may spend up to one quarter of your time on subjects drawn from the other two social science specialisms (economics and sociology/social psychology).

When you fill in your UCAS application form, you should enter the course code which corresponds to your preferred specialisation (in this instance Politics / History: MV11 BSc/PH). However, this does not commit you, as you do not have to make a final decision until the end of the first year.


The first year is a foundation year, which introduces you to a wider range of social science disciplines than you will normally find in school or college. You choose the equivalent of twelve modules covering the subjects listed opposite.

An indication of the core courses and some of the options available are set out below.

First year

Economics *

Politics *

Sociology *

Modern European history *

Social psychology *

Human geography

Literature and society


Information technology

Mathematics for economists


A foreign language

Interpersonal communication


Second and Third (Final) years

In the second and third years, you choose to specialise in Politics/History. You may delay your choice until the end of the first year, but you can only choose subjects you have studied in the first year.

Each of the three specialisations (Economics, or Politics/History, or Sociology/Social Psychology) includes a set of core modules covering the material essential to a proper understanding of the subject. You then choose options from a total list of about 60, some of which may be chosen from outside the area of your main specialisation. Thus, if you are specialising in Politics/History, you may:

either choose option modules entirely from within Politics/History,

or you may take one or more modules in, say, economics; about which you perhaps knew little until you were introduced to it in the first year;

or you can take an option in a foreign language; and this is particularly useful for Politics/History students, as you will also have the opportunity to spend one semester abroad.


Second and third (final) years (POLITICS/HISTORY)

Modern British history 1760-1951

Political Thought

Politics and Policies of the E.U.

Public Policy

options include:

Politics and Policies of France,

Politics and Policies of Germany,

Politics and Policies of Italy,

Politics and Policies of Greece,

Politics and Policies of the UK,

History of European integration

International relations

Political geography

Problems of political theory

Literature, politics and society


Note: some of the above are double modules


Admissions Secretary:
Mrs Pam Joplin: 01274 - 233829

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