Part-Time Registration


M.A./PG Diploma European Integration

M.A./PG Diploma East European Studies

M.A./PG Diploma European-Latin American Relations

M.A./PG Diploma Modern European History


The Department encourages applications from students wishing to register for one of the above degrees on a part-time basis. The Department recognises that part-time study enables a wider access to our courses; moreover, given the financial problems posed by postgraduate study, part-time registration may be the most realistic alternative for some applicants. Approximately one third of our students register on a part-time basis.

Part-time registration involves a student taking courses over two academic years, rather than the one year for full-time students. Students take approximately half their courses in each year; with the preparation of the dissertation being undertaken after the second year. The registration fees are correspondingly reduced. In 1997-98, the annual registration fee for part-time students is 1,029.

Following our established practice, in 1997-98 it will be possible for part-time M.A./PG Diploma students to follow all their courses on one day each week. All first year compulsory courses will be timetabled on Fridays, along with other options. Moreover, second year options will be scheduled so as to allow part-time students to attend for only one day each week (typically Tuesdays or Fridays). Final timetables are available in September.

It is hoped that these provisions will allow part-time students to have outside employment for up to four weekdays each week, for example.

As the Department seeks to renew and update its course offerings, it cannot guarantee that any individual optional courses will be available in any particular year.

If applicants have any queries on part-time provisions, they should be addressed to the Postgraduate Secretary in the Department of European Studies.

The contents of this publication represent the intentions of the University at the time of printing. The University reserves the right to alter or withdraw courses, services or facilities without notice and to change Ordinances, Regulations, fees and charges at any time. Students should enquire as to the up-to-date position when they need to know this. Admittance to the University is subject to the requirement that the student will comply with the University’s registration procedures and will duly observe the Charter and Statutes and the Ordinances and Regulations of the University from time to time in force.

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