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The Department can draw on a wide range of resources for the study of contemporary Europe.

The Research Units

The Department has a number of research units which have developed specialist library holdings. These include the Baltic Research Unit, the European Briefing Unit, the Research Unit on European/Latin American Relations and a new research group studying the enlargement of the European Union.

Baltic Research Unit:

This is the only one of its kind in Britain. Its activities include academic research and publication, and briefing and consultancy work for the public and private sectors. It has developed a large network of contacts and academic exchanges with the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Poland.

The European Briefing Unit:

The Department has a strong concentration of expertise on the European Union. The European Briefing Unit capitalises on this to provide briefings, courses and conferences for those concerned with the implications of EU policies.

Research Unit on European/Latin American Relations:

This unit is also unique in the UK, and acts as a focus for those studying Latin America in neighbouring universities. The unit has a wide range of academic and official contacts throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and is engaged in research, briefing and consultancy activities. It has been endowed with the Blakemore Collection, a 2,000-volume collection housed at the University’s Library.

The Department currently has two large research projects funded by the ESRC: one is concerned with the politics of Economic and Monetary Union, the other with local policy methods in Britain and France; plus a project funded by the British Academy on the Nazi period in German history.



The University’s Computer Centre provides students with a range of computer facilities and related support, including short courses. The Department of European Studies has separate computer facilities for its postgraduates, which are linked to the University network.

J B Priestley Library: the campus Library is a designated centre for official holdings of the European Union. It is one of the largest such centres in the UK.

In addition to the resources on campus there are important research holdings in the wider region (no fewer than eight universities in Yorkshire alone). Also the Boston Spa site of the British Library provides unrivalled library resources and is less than thirty minutes’ drive from Bradford.

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