Kevin Featherstone

Kevin Featherstone

Professor of European Politics and Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration Studies
Cobden Building, Room 18
tel: 01274-233811; fax: 01274-235550


As a political scientist, Professor Featherstone's primary interests are in the areas of comparative politics and international relations. The main focus of his research has been on the internal and external politics of the European Union (parties; institutions; single market; EMU; relations with US, Mediterranean) and on the domestic politics and foreign relations of Greece.

He has recently completed a major research project, with Kenneth Dyson, on the negotiations leading to the agreement on EMU at Maastricht in 1991. This research was supported by the Economic and Social Science Research Council and it involved some 275 personal interviews with leading politicians, ministry officials, and central bankers across Europe. A book is to be published from this project by Oxford University Press in 1999.

He is a founder member of the editorial board of two journals, South European Society and Politics (Frank Cass, London) and Synthesis (London). He is co-editor, with K. Dyson, of a series of books published by Addison Wesley Longman under the title, Political Dynamics of the European Union.

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Recent Publications:


Core-Periphery Relations in the European Union: Between Hegemony and Dependency ? (provisional title) (London, Longman, forthcoming).

The Road to Maastricht: Negotiating Economic and Monetary Union, with K. Dyson (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1999).

Greece in a Changing Europe: Between Balkan Disintegration and European Integration ? , with K. Ifantis, co-edited (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 1996).

The United States and the European Community in the 1990s, with R. Ginsberg (London, Macmillan / St. Martin's, 1993; second edition 1996).

Articles in refereed journals:

"'Europeanization' and the Centre-Periphery: The Case of Greece in the 1990s", South European Society and Politics, 3, 1, Summer 1998, pp.23-39.

'Greece and the EU in the 1990s: The Challenge to the Domestic State', Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies, 1998.

(with K Dyson) 'EMU and Economic Governance in Germany', German Politics, 5, 3, December 1996, pp. 325-355.

(with G Kazamias) 'In the Absence of Charisma: The Greek Elections of September 1996', West European Politics, 20, 2, April 1997, pp. 157-164.

(with K Dyson) "Italy and EMU as a 'Vincolo Esterno': Empowering the Technocrats, Transforming the State", South European Society and Politics, 1, 2, Autumn 1996, pp. 272-299.

(with K Dyson & G Michalopoulos) 'Strapped to the mast: EC central bankers between global financial markets and regional integration', Journal of European Public Policy; 2, 3, September 1995; pp. 465-87.

Chapters in edited volumes:

'Economic and Monetary Union', in L. Cram, D. Dinan, and N. Nugent, eds., Developments in the European Union (London, Macmillan, 1999).

'The Politics of Economic and Monetary Union', and 'Cyprus', in D. Dinan, ed., The Encyclopaedia of the European Union (London, Pinter, 1998).

(with K Dyson) 'Strapped to the Mast: EC Central Bankers between the Maastricht Treaty and Global Financial Markets', in W D Coleman & G R D Underhill, eds., Regionalism and Global Economic Integration: Europe, Asia and the Americas (London, Routledge, 1997).
Also in : The Evolution of Rules for a Single European Market: Part 1 - Industry and Finance, COST Programme A7 (Brussels, EC Commission, 1995).

Other Publications:

'Europe on course for a single currency: The challenge for the Blair Government', Credit Management, July 1997.

'In the absence of boldness: Britain and Cyprus in the 1990s', Association for the Study of Nationalities: Analysis of Current Events , New York, CUNY, May 1996.

Conferences and seminars:

'The Governance of EMU: monetary power and political isolation', paper delivered for Workshop on EMU and the European Model of Society, Brandeis University, USA, December 1998.

"Explaining the 'micro-history' of EMU: strategic, cognitive and institutionalist dimensions", Center for European Studies, Harvard University, USA, December 1998.

Seminar Presentation at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Latvia, November 1998.

Seminar presentation at ELIAMEP, Athens, October 1998.

'The Major Government and EMU: An Analysis of a Strategic Failure', University Association for Contemporary European Studies, Annual Conference, Leicester, January 1998.

'The British Government and EMU: Retrospect and Prospects', Lothian Foundation Conference on the British Presidency of the EU, London, December 1997.

(with K. Dyson) 'Jacques Delors and the Re-Launch of Economic and Monetary Union: A Study of Strategic Calculation, Brokerage and Cognitive Leadership', European Community Studies Association, Seattle, USA, May-June 1997.

'Greece and the EU in the 1990s: The Challenge to the Domestic State', Conference on Greece and the EU, University of Birmingham, May 1997.

'Greece and the EU in the 1990s: Liberalization, Sovereignty', King's College London, March 1997.

'Britain and EMU: An Analysis of Strategic Failure', UACES Conference on EMU, University of Leeds, March 1997.

'Britain and EMU', paper to conference of the Royal Society for the Arts, Leeds, October 1996.

'Cyprus and a Multi-Speed Europe: The Politics of Differentiation', Conference on Cyprus in the EU, London, Hellenic Centre/LSE, October 1996.

'Italy and EMU: A fear of a Multi-Speed Process', University Association for Contemporary European Studies, May 1996. 28pp.

'Greece, Britain and the EU', Paper presented to private seminar, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London, April 1996.

(with K. Dyson) 'Britain and EMU: Just Say 'No'?', Political Studies Association Annual Conference, Glasgow, April 1996.

'Building Democracy: Parties and the State in Post-War Greece', St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, March 1996.

(with K. Dyson) 'Rescue or Transformation of EU States ? Bargaining Models and EMU', Annual Meeting of the European Consortium for Political Research, Bordeaux, 1995.32pp.

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