Jeffrey Harrop

Jeffrey Harrop
Lecturer in Economics; Coordinator of MA Programme
Cobden Building, Room 14
tel: 01274-233810; fax: 01274-235550


Jeffrey Harrop continued his research into the Economics of EU Integration, focusing mainly on Regional Policy, Macroeconomic Policy and also Competition Policy. Following his consultancy work for the EU Commission on less developed regions in the UK, he went on to write a book on Structural Funding and Employment in the EU. Also, a paper on Macroeconomic Policy presented at Nuffield College, Oxford, has been rewritten to form a chapter in a new book to be published in 1997 by Routledge. He also completed a chapter on Competition Policy for a Handbook on the EU. Articles are being written 1997-98 on European Works Councils and also on the changing pattern of European tourism.

During 1996 lectures and research findings were presented on a TEMPUS visit to the Economics University of Bratislava in the Slovakia. They were brought into the TEMPUS project at the request of Dr Caplanova who asked to translate the Political Economy of European Integration into Slovak. A teaching visit was also made to the University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania, where enormous changes have taken place recently in developing the Faculty of European Studies. In 1997 he visited the University of Riga, Latvia, as part of a British Council programme to assist in the development of a new MA there.

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Structural Funding and Employment in the European Union (Edward Elgar, 1996).

‘Competition Policy’ in E. Barbour (Ed), European Union Handbook (Fitzroy Dearborn, 1996).

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