Reginald Hindley

Reginald Hindley
Senior Honorary Fellow
tel: 01274-235575; fax: 01274-235550


Reginald Hindleys' research during the period continued to focus on the geolinguistics of the minority (or 'lesser-used') languages of Europe, with new emphasis on the re-emergence of the smaller languages of the former Soviet Union and the different ways in which they are seeking self-expression, if not outright independence. He continued his mainstream research on the problems of Irish and Scottish Gaelic in these islands, and his publications were concerned with these. In September 1996 he presented a paper on 'Problems of the Irish Language Census' to an Aberystwyth forum on the 1891 Census and the Welsh language, sponsored by the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies of the University of Wales.

Current work is concentrating on completion of a survey of European place-name changes and alternative renderings reflecting language differences in the present century. He hopes also to complete a monograph on the state of Gaelic among schoolchildren in the Western Isles of Scotland.

He retired from full-time teaching in September 1996.

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