Georgios Kazamias

Georgios Kazamias
Lecturer in Politics
Cobden Building, Room 34
tel: 01274-233821; fax: 01274-235550;

Dr Kazamias’ main research interests are in the field of Greek and South-East European History and Politics of the 20th century. During 1996, Dr Kazamias has continued and completed his contribution to a research programme on the Greek Communities in Bulgaria (19th - 20th century), organised by a research team of the Institute for Balkan Studies of Thessaloniki, Greece. The research findings are now to be published - in Greek - by the State Secretariat-General for Greeks Abroad. Late in 1996, he co-authored (with Professor Featherstone) a short article on the Greek Elections of September of the same year in West European Politics.

Dr Kazamias has subsequently begun work on a new, longer-term research project on the Greek Diaspora in the Near East during the 20th century. He also continues his work on Greek-Bulgarian relations during the Second World War.

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The following chapters in X. Kotzageorgi (ed.) Oi Ellinikes Koinotites tis Vulgarias (19os-20os ai.) [The Greek Communities of Bulgaria (19th - 20th c.)], Athens (Balkan Studies Institute and Secretariat General for Greeks Abroad, forthcoming)

  1. ‘I Nomiki Thesi ton Ellinikon Koinotiton sti Vulgaria [The Legal position of Greek Communites in Bulgaria] 1880 - to date’, pp 30-45

  2. ‘Sintomo Chronologio Vulgarikis Politikis kai Diplomatikis Istorias [A brief Chronology of Bulgarian Political and Diplomatic History] 1880-1944’, pp 78-87

  3. (with X Kotzageorgi) ‘Oi Ellines tis Vulgarias se arithmous [The Greeks of Bulgaria in numbers] 1879-1934’, pp. 166-298.

  4. (with X Kotzageorgi) ‘Anti Epilogou’ [In lieu of an epilogue]

(with Professor K Featherstone) ‘The Greek elections of 22 September 1996’, West European Politics, 20 (2), April 1997.

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