Marjorie Ruth Lister

Marjorie Ruth Lister
Lecturer in EU - Third World Relations; Admissions Tutor for European Studies and European Area Studies
Cobden Building, Room 04
tel: 01274-235260; fax: 01274-235550


Dr Lister continued her research into the external relations and development policy of the European Union. Notably she organised a major conference at the European Parliament Office in October 1996 on ‘The European Union and the Developing Countries’. Speakers included the UK Minister for Overseas Development, Baroness Chalker, ACP Joint Assembly Co-President Lord Plumb, as well as European and ACP officials and academics. An edited volume of the conference papers is being published by Macmillan Press and Dr Lister was interviewed on Radio France International.

At the annual conference of the Development Studies Association in September 1995, Dr Lister organised the European Development Policy Study Group. With over 60 members, the Group is now actively engaged in organising conferences and formulated the position paper adopted by the Development Studies Association on the future of the Lomé Convention. In addition, with Dr Stephen Dearden of Manchester Metropolitan University, she co-edits a series of discussion papers on EU development policy published by Manchester Metropolitan University and the European Development Policy Study Group of the Development Studies Association. These are placed on the internet by the European Centre for Development Policy Management in Maastricht (seven papers so far).

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(ed) European Union Development Policy, London, Macmillan, forthcoming, 1998.

The European Union and the South, London, Routledge, 1997.


‘Europe looks South: EU Development Policy at the End of the Millennium’, Internet Journal of African Studies, forthcoming vol 3.

‘Mediterranean Policy’, in Butterworths Expert Guide to the European Union, London, Butterworths, 1995.

Working papers:

‘Europe’s Lomé Policy in Perspective’, Discussion Paper no 2, European Development Policy Study Group at Manchester Metropolitan University, January 1997.

‘Does the European Union have a Foreign Policy?’, Research Paper no 10, Research Institute for European Studies, Athens, Greece, February 1995.

Conference papers:

‘Bananas: the backdrop’, World Development Movement Conference, York, 27 September 1997.

‘Europe and the ACP Countries’, Crown Agents Seminar, Worthing, 23 September 1997.

‘Report: the Future of the Lomé Convention’, Annual Conference of the Development Studies Association, University of East Anglia, 13 September 1997.

‘Response to the Green Paper’, Official UK Consultation on the European Commission’s Report on the Green Paper on the future of EU-ACP Relations, London, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, 19 June 1997.

‘Europe looks South: EU Development Policy at the End of the Millennium’, paper presented to the Annual Conference of the International Studies Association, San Diego, 16-20 April 1996.

‘The Lomé Convention in a Changing World Order’, European Centre for Development Policy Management, Maastricht, 15 April 1997.

‘Europe's Policy Towards the Southern Mediterranean: Development or Crisis Prevention?’, Development Studies Association Annual Conference, Dublin, 7-9 September 1995.

‘The Future of the Lomé Convention’, paper presented to the European Development Policy Study Group, Manchester, 12 February 1995.


Briefing Meeting for Shadow Overseas Development Minister Clare Short, 7 Millbank, London, 13 November 1996.

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