Colin Mellors

Colin Mellors
Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Political Science; Coordinator of the European Briefing Unit
Cobden Building, Room 31 tel: 01274-235575; fax: 01274-235550
Richmond Building, Room E7, tel: 01274-233816


Colin Mellors is Professor of Political Science and is also a Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University. He specialises in political behaviour (notably elections, coalition politics and political recruitment) and in local and regional government. He has also written on aspects of EU regional policy and structural funds. He is currently up-dating his standard work on the recruitment of members of Parliament, The British MP, as well as preparing a book on the politics of non-majority control in local government. In addition, he is working on aspects of regionalism in Europe, including the Committee of Regions, in conjunction with a Hungarian academic. This interest in regionalism is furthered by the fact that he is currently Chair of the Regional Economic Development Strategy Group, under the auspices of the nine Yorkshire and Humberside universities. He is also an invited member of the Barcelona-based Euroregional Observatory. Outside the University, he is a consultant to two of the BBC's regional political units and is a frequent contributor to radio, television and newspapers.

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Seminar Papers:

'Managing the Balance: A Review of Trends and Characteristics', Local Government Management Board, Surrey, 20 June 1996.

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