Munro Price

Munro Price
Lecturer in Modern European History; Placements Tutor
Cobden Building, Room 21
tel: 01274-235572; fax: 01274-235550


Dr Prices' main research remains centred on late eighteenth-century French politics, though he is currently extending this into the Revolutionary era. His book Preserving the Monarchy appeared in January 1995; since then he has completed (with John Hardman) an edition on the largely unpublished correspondence of Louis XII with his foreign minister Vergennes. This has a substantial introductory essay which essentially stands as a book in its own right, and will be published in June 1998.

His next project is a study of the French monarchy and the Revolution through the counter-revolutionary career of the Baron de Breteuil (1730-1807), Louis XVI’s secret minister to the European powers from 1790 to 1793. In November 1995 he received a research grant from the British Academy for this. This has enabled him so far to work in archives in France and, last summer, Sweden.

He has also published articles on the French intervention in Holland between 1784 and 1787 and on French financial policy in the 1780s (the result of a conference paper given at the French Finance Ministry in February 1996). He is currently also writing the chapter on the reign of Louis XVI for the forthcoming Oxford History of France.

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French Policymaking at the close of the ancien régime: the correspondence of Louis XVI with the Comte de Vergennes (with John Hardman). To be published by the Voltaire Foundation, Oxford University, in June 1998.

‘Les conseilles au contrôle-général des finances a la fin de l'ancien régime: le cas de Jacques Marquet de Bourgade’, l'administration des finances sous l'ancien régime, (French Finance Ministry, Paris, 1997).

Reviews in French History, and British Journal of Eighteenth-century Studies.

Preserving the monarchy: the Comte de Vergennes, 1774-89 (Cambridge University Press, 1995).

‘The Dutch affair and the fall of the ancien régime, 1784-1787’, Historical Journal, November 1995.

‘New Perspectives on the fall of the Bastille’, given to modern and contemporary France seminar, Harvard University, and modern European history seminar, Yale University, October 1995.

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