The website consists of a main page (the first level), six main section pages (the second level), and the full text of the regulations. Each of the section pages has several detail pages (the third level), which have a darker background.

All the heading and navigation images in each section are colour coded for the particular section.

Every detail page has a link to its' main section at the top of the navigation bar on the right.

At the end of every page there is a link to the main page.

Please experiment with the navigation and return to this page.

Students should genarally work through a section by taking each link in the navigation bar on the right of the section page, working from top to bottom.

The full text of the Regulations can be viewed by clicking the central image on the main page. The Regulations page, and the Index method of viewing, use the maximum width of the Browser window. You may need to adjust the width and centering of your monitor slightly to be able to see the edges.

Clicking a Regulations referance link anywhere in any of the other sections, will display the appropriate part of the regulations in a seperate window. More than one regulation may be viewed simultaneously; a new window will open for each regulation. Try this here :-

See Regulation 5
See Regulation 12

Each click on the main window will cause any regulations windows which are at the front, to go behind the main window. However they may be brought to the front by clicking on their buttons in the windows taskbar at the bottom of your screen. These windows may be closed when they are not needed.