The introduction pages contain general information about navigation, the contents of each section and studies begin with the historical background of the regulations.

Students should begin by examining this page, then read through each of the sub-sections in this Introduction, taking each of the links on the right from top to bottom.

The oval image at the bottom of every page is a link to the main page. The main page is called 'Wr.htm'. If you become lost or a hardware problem occurs, restart your browser and open 'Wr.htm'.

Then begin your studies by reading the last section of the Introduction :-
'Historical Background of the Regulations'.

On the main page, this section contains the full text of the regulations.

This section provides example paperwork and takes the student through a typical inspection.

This section contains a test on the regulations and some sugestions for further study.

The Classroom section contains study notes, tutorials and references for each of the main sections of the regulations.

This section contains information about the Water Inspectorates and links to each Regional Water Company.

This section contains information on various contract and legal requirements established by the regulations.