1. What do the letters W R A S mean?

  2. List four acceptable symbols that could be found in water.

  3. Do British Standard Specifications carry the weight of the law in relation to materials in contact with the water supply?

  4. Name two materials which are banned under schedule 2 of the Regulations.

  5. State why copper pipe work cannot be jointed directly to lead pipe work.

  6. State what advice would be given to a client who owned a dwelling that contained lead pipe work.

  7. Is it permissible to use lead content solders on potable supplies?

  8. What does the fittings and material directory contain?

  9. What minimum pressure must water fittings be able to withstand?

  1. When did the Regulations come in to force?

  2. Under the New Regulations both the Installer and User of the supplies can be prosecuted. State true or false.

  3. State what is meant by the term ‘Approved Contractor’.

  4. Under the Regulations give two examples of:

    1. A Dwelling

    2. An Institution

    3. A Public Building

  5. List the types of work that are covered by the Regulations.

  6. What is the maximum fine that can be imposed under the Regulations for each offence?

  7. List the five water related problems that are dealt with by conforming to the Regulations?

  8. State who is the Regulator in England according to the Regulations?

  1. Describe how an incoming service pipe is protected from frost or mechanical damage when on the outside of a building.

  2. Describe how a water-carrying pipe would be protected when passing between two buildings (not buried).

  3. List four locations to be avoided when installing water pipes and fittings.

  4. List three actions that could be taken on site to protect cisterns.

  5. Fully explain the requirements of Schedule 2, Paragraph 16 (was byelaw 30).

  6. State the British and European Standards, which contain insulation tables and calculations for use with the Regulations.

  7. State where a drain valve would be positioned on a domestic cold water installation.

  8. When positioning Hot and Cold water services state how they must relate to each other and why?