The decision to implement Robotisation involves considerable changes within an organisation. The introduction of Robots into the workplace is likely to have significant impact not only on the worker but also on the management and the organisational unit.

Impact On the Worker

One of the causes of worry when Robotisation is being considered is the possible displacement of workers. This could mean a lost job, but equally can mean employment on a task that may be either mentally or physically more demanding. The position could carry more responsibility. The following are typical topics of anxiety among workers.
Careful planning can minimise these problems.

Impact On Management

The introduction of robots will always create new job opportunities. Production workers, for instance, may take on responsibility for the operation of the robot and promotion to management could and does happen following the organisation of a robot team. The main consideration is that management should be fully aware of the individual skills of the workers so that the jobs can be matched to personnel, with whatever retraining is necessary. Management also need to assess the requirement for support such as maintenance, engineering and quality control personnel.
Work scheduling must be carefully planned. Retraining needs must be identified and provided for.

Impact On the Organisation

The introduction of a robot into a factory will have direct consequences for the organisation itself. The effectiveness of the robot installation will be determined partly by the success of appropriate modification of the organisational structure.