Setting Up a Work cell - A Case Study

In this case study it is intended to make a work cell in which a robot will be expected to process two die cast items together. The casting is placed into a press that separates and deflashes them prior to their subsequent machining. Before starting to physically set up the manufacturing cell we must know what we want to achieve technically and what economic criteria have to be applied.

The Technical Processes

  1. Remove the items from the die casting machine.
  2. Separate the individual items from each other and deflash them.
  3. Machine one face of the component flat.
  4. Drill and tap two holes.
  5. Inspect the items.
  6. Place the items into a magazine ready for dispatch.

Having determined the technical needs of the product, the next stage is to quantify the economic criteria, these are:
  1. What are the maximum acceptable manufacturing costs.
  2. What are economic batch sizes.
  3. How quickly must the item be made in order to satisfy predicted or known demand.