Spine Configuration

The Spine conf guratron appears as a single arm fully enclosed by a flexible protective gaiter. One method of actuation is a series of motorised universal joints built up in modular fashion to the required length. a second method of actuation utilises stainless steel ovoids strung together on two sets of tensioned steel cables. Linear actuators manoeuvre the arm by altering the tensions in opposite cables. The difficult control co-ordination is made possible only by sophisticated software. Its relatively low payload is offset by some of its particular advantages.


  1. Extremely good manoeuvrability in restricted spaces.
  2. Extremely compact.
  3. Ability to reach over, under, round, and in and out of awkward obstacles
  4. Relatively small floor space occupied.


This configuration is particularly suited to awkward manoeuvre in restricted spaces eg in and out of riveted or welded body panels, and were close control over movement is required eg remote handling of dangerous products.