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Keighley Community Learning Club, Keighley College, and the Keighley Arts Factory - See Course Information, use the faculty links at the bottom of that page. The original layout of the first page, the basic design of the buttons on the first page and the blue headings and basic layout of non-Course pages were not mine. Most of the original graphics in the Arts Factory pages were also not mine.

New version of College first page

1999 Water Regulations - See Introduction, Main central link and Classroom --> Contamination

Combination Boiler Fault Finding - See Day 1 --> Overview and History, Capacitors, and Resistors

Robotics - See TimeTable --> Week 7 Robot Working Envelopes and Week 18 Types of Sensing Devices


Keighley College Walking Club

Please note that these are just a selection of pages from work in progress and a few pages may be missing and some pages are not really complete. Please also note that most of this content is copyright of Keighley College.

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