This short course provision will focus upon the specialism of service engineering. Through in depth case studies experienced Building Services Engineering personnel will gain an understanding of fault finding methodology on Combination Boilers.

Direct entry will be given to operatives who are holders of Gas Utilisation Certificates or ACOP element, 6, 7 and 14. Other qualifications and/or experience will be considered by the delivery team, however, admission under these circumstances will be at the discretion of the course tutor.

This thirty hour short course will be available throught the academic year of 1998/1999 and will be projected bi-monthly.

An Asset Certificate will be awarded to all candidates who satisfy the following criteria:

  1. pass a multiple choice question paper
  2. attend and prove competent at practical workshops
  3. attend more than 80% of theroretical sessions

Delivery Team: David Hanson, Peter Lalor, David Redfearn, Richard Okleford, David Greenwood
Site: Harold Town Building
Duration: 30 Hours over a four day period
Frequency One course bi-monthly
Max Participants: Twelve
Cost: 130.00
Dates: TBA
Certification: Aset
Automatic entry
Gas Utilisation Certificate or ACOP 6, 7 and 14
Special consideration: Clients to use own multimeter