THNet at Portland

THnet offers IT assistance to Keighley College staff and students at 25p per minute, minimum 4 minutes, discounts for longer. I'll tell you in advance if I think I can solve your problem but I'm not supplying copies of solutions for Mike's course.

E-mail me at: - My Domain Name is:

PHP Miscellaneous

City and Guilds Exam

Tracker page

VAT Calculation function

Password page 1

Password page 2

Query any table in MySQL Database

A clever query page that doesn't always work
You usually need to try to initially connect twice

Customer Orders List

Stock Table Inserts

Stock Table Amendments

Portfolio pages

Javascript and DHTML Exercises

Some suggestions for Keighley College
Including a more accessible version of the new website,
a working CGI enquiry form and a discussion board.

Example Teaching aid using Flash

Flash demo of how to use a Macro to set text properties on charts in Excel
If you have VBA installed (and you probably do) this will save you ages in CLAIT

Some notes on CLAIT Plus DTP
For anyone unfortunate enough to be doing CLAIT Plus DTP with Pagemaker.

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