There are two sets of spreadsheets. The first are mainly for recording and predicting monthly gas and electricity usage and costs. They are designed for readings to be entered once a month in the middle of each month but you should be able to use them if you do something different. The second set are for comparing tariffs by estimating monthly usage. Some of them have buttons which excel identifies as macros so you should virus scan them after downloading. They're easy to use and the screen captures below look more complicated than the sheets actually are. Basically you enter the rates of your tariff on page 1, then on the first type of sheet enter your readings on page 2, or on the the comparison sheets - use the buttons to adjust the bar charts. There are instructions in each worksheet.

I have tested these with a few tariffs and a few ways of recording readings but if anyone finds any problems or that the sheets are not suitable for their tariff please let me know or let me know if you work for you.. There is scope to modify the sheets if you have something different but you'll have to be careful and please remember that these are excell spreadsheets and not proper programmes. They should be very close to what your company charges you but please do not totally rely on them. They are copyright of me (© Tony Hargreaves - thnet) and are free for use personally, for homes, voluntary organisations or independant real ale pubs.

The '.xls' files are for versions of excel from 2003 and before. The '.xslx' and '.xslm' files are for versions 2007 and after. If these open in your browser, right click on the link and select 'Save As'.

Copyright © Tony Hargreaves - thnet 2014

Enter the rates of your tariff on page 1 -

Example of one of the recording sheets - entering each reading in the table on the left on page 2 -

Example of the estimated v. actual comparisons sheet -

Example of adjusting usage estimtes sheet -

Comparison of tariffs sheet page 1 -

Tariff comparison sheet -