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The structure of the degree

History with French - V1R1 BA/HF - List of Modules
History with German - V1R2 BA/HG - List of Modules
History with Spanish - V1R BA/HS - List of Modules
History with Russian - V1R8 BA/HR - List of Modules
History with Modern Greek - V1T2 BA/HMG - List of Modules
Modern European History - VT12 BA/MEH - List of Modules

European Studies currently offers three distinct degrees to undergraduates involving History, European Studies; European Area Studies, and History with a language.

European Studies is a four-year course, the third year of which is spent at a French, German or Spanish university depending on the language being studied. After being introduced to all the Social Sciences comprising the European Studies degree in the first year, students choose to concentrate on a major Social Science from their second year on, although they can still carry on with some other Social Sciences as minor options.

European Area Studies is a three-year course. Students do not major in any specific Social Science, but instead follow a set course comprising aspects of all four disciplines making up European Studies at Bradford; History, Politics, Economics and Geography. They do not spend a full year abroad, although they do have the option to spend a semester abroad at a continental university during their second year.

History with a Language gives students the opportunity to combine History with learning a European language either after having achieved a GCSE or equivalent, or in some cases from scratch. The languages offered here are French, German, Spanish, Russian and Modern Greek; the first three require students to have achieved a GCSE or equivalent level in that language, but Russian and Modern Greek may be taken ab initio..

Students are also able to study a second language as an optional extra in the University’s Language Unit.

The common element to all these degree schemes offering History is that the same course modules are offered in all of them. All History students in the Department can thus retain a sense of their identity whatever degree scheme they are on.

History is also taught to students in the Department of Social and Economic Studies as part of a combined Honours degree in Politics and History. All the History modules open to European Studies History students are also available to those from Social and Economic Studies, and this teaching is entirely undertaken by staff from European Studies.

For further information about the admissions process please contact:

Dr. Marjorie Ruth Lister
Admissions Tutor
Department of European Studies
University of Bradford
W Yorkshire

For further information about specific History courses, please contact:

Dr. V. M. Housden
Chair, History Subject Group
Department of European Studies
University of Bradford
W Yorkshire

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