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History with French - V1R1 BA/HF - List of Modules
History with German - V1R2 BA/HG - List of Modules
History with Spanish - V1R BA/HS - List of Modules
History with Russian - V1R8 BA/HR - List of Modules
History with Modern Greek - V1T2 BA/HMG - List of Modules
Modern European History - VT12 BA/MEH - List of Modules
Economics and History - LV11 - This course is run in conjunction with the:-
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History courses

The Department of European Studies at Bradford is one of the oldest and best-established in the country, and History has always played a major part within it. History along with Politics is the major Social Science taught in the Department, with seven full-time members of staff.

The study of History has perhaps two main purposes. The first is the enjoyment and interest gained from studying the past for its own sake. The second is the light that a knowledge of the past sheds on present-day politics, society, economics and culture. That is the reason why History in our Department is studied in conjunction with other Social Sciences.

The other distinguishing feature of History in European Studies is that it is studied in conjunction with a language, which accounts for approximately one third of the course. The languages currently offered by the Department are French, German and Spanish. This combination not only offers the chance to deepen one’s familiarity with the history of particular European countries, but has also been shown considerably to enhance the employment prospects of graduates.

Since we are a Department of European Studies, the History we teach is essentially European History. Its main focus is the twentieth century, but the historians on the staff have published and researched widely on subjects ranging from the French and Russian Revolutions to the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich. The historians’ main concentration of expertise is on twentieth-century Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia.

The structure of the degree

For further information about specific History courses, please contact:

Dr. V. M. Housden
Chair, History Subject Group
Department of European Studies
University of Bradford
W Yorkshire

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