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Candidates for the degree are normally expected to be university graduates, holding at least a second class Honours degree or its equivalent in a relevant area of study. For those without such qualifications there is the possibility of entering the Programme as candidates to the Postgraduate Diploma. Students registered for the Postgraduate Diploma, whose work is of a sufficiently high standard, may be permitted to transfer to registration for the degree of Master.

Non-native speakers may be asked, before admission, to have passed an approved English language test.

Owing to the demand for places on this MA Programme, successful applicants who are privately funded are normally required to pay a 50 deposit by a set date. This deposit is non-refundable and is credited to applicants’ fees. Failure to pay this deposit by the set date may lead to the cancellation of any offer made for a place on the MA Programme. Applicants seeking funding from a research council, government, British Council or any similar source, are not required to pay this deposit: they must, however, supply a copy of their application for funding.



Candidates without a relevant Honours degree, but with professional qualifications and work experience, may register for the Postgraduate Diploma. They take the same courses as their MA colleagues and may transfer to MA registration and submit their dissertation for the MA degree if they reach the appropriate standard in the assessments. This means that a student who has initially registered for a PG Diploma may, if his/her academic performance is satisfactory, complete instead an MA degree in the same time as if he/she had initially registered for the MA.



Applications are welcome from overseas candidates. The Department makes every effort to help overseas applicants obtain accommodation on campus or in nearby housing.

Applicants from outside the EU are advised to seek information about financial support available for overseas students from their local British Council office or from the cultural section of their nearest British Embassy. The same applies to EU applicants who do not meet the eligibility requirements for ESRC awards.



The Postgraduate Secretary

Department of European Studies

University of Bradford Bradford West Yorkshire BD7 1DP UK

Telephone: 01274 233145

Fax: 01274 235550


The contents of this publication represent the intentions of the University at the time of printing. The University reserves the right to alter or withdraw courses, services or facilities without notice and to change Ordinances, Regulations, fees and charges at any time. Students should enquire as to the up-to-date position when they need to know this. Admittance to the University is subject to the requirement that the student will comply with the University’s registration procedures and will duly observe the Charter and Statutes and the Ordinances and Regulations of the University from time to time in force.

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