Politics at the University of Bradford

At the University of Bradford, Politics is based at the Department of European Studies; all Politics staff are members of that Department, which is the originating department for all Politics modules regardless of whether or not they relate to any specific area.

There are several pathways available for the study of Politics, leading to degree courses with a diverse concentration on the discipline. The pathways range from Single Honours Politics , or a Major in Politics with a Minor in other field ( Politics with French , Politics with German , Politics with Italian , Politics with Modern Greek , Politics with Spanish , European Studies with a Politics major , Politics with Law ), to Joint Honours combining in equal proportions Politics and another discipline (Politics and History , Politics and Law , or Economics and Politics ).

Politics is an exciting subject to study as we enter the 21st Century, essential to understand our rapidly changing national and international environment. As one of the main Social Sciences, Politics studies how people obtain and exercise power at every level, from a child's first understanding of authority to processes of cooperation or conflict between states.

Based on a solid foundation of core modules on comparative politics, public policy and political theories, Politics degrees at Bradford offer a wide variety of possibilities to specialise. They provide transferable skills in the areas of analysis, research and communication, preparing students for a wide range of careers in public service either in Britain or within the European Union, in management and administration, diplomacy, journalism, finance, research and public affairs.

There is a constant emphasis in relating the teaching of Politics to the careers pursued by our graduates. That contributes to the success our Politics graduates have in securing employment and pursuing rewarding careers. As part of this concern, we encourage students to spend periods of up to a semester at another University abroad - making use of our and exchange agreements - and to seek work experience during their holidays through placements and internships.

Admissions Secretary:
Mrs Pam Joplin: 01274 - 233829

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