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Examination of Research

It is a normal expectation of the Department that the PhD thesis should be submitted within four years of full-time study, the MPhil within two years. Examination is conducted by one internal examiner (not the supervisor) and an external examiner.


Transfer from MPhil to PhD

Normally research students are first registered for the MPhil. Transition to the PhD is recommended by supervisors once a candidate has met the criteria outlined above (under Supervision). These applications are considered by the Progress and Monitoring Panels (outlined under Supervision).

Under exceptional circumstances, where a candidate already possesses relevant research experience, a case can be made out for direct registration for the degree of PhD.


Part-Time Students

The Department attaches great importance to the encouragement and support of part-time students. For this reason we schedule all research skill training on one day a week (Friday). Part-time students are offered the same facilities as full-time students and participate in the same arrangements for supervision and monitoring of progress. They are also eligible on an equal basis for bursaries and for teaching assistance.

Part-time students are normally expected to submit for the PhD within seven years and for the MPhil within four years.

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