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For further information about postgraduate research opportunities please contact Margaret Haldane on e-mail:; telephone: 01274-233145; fax: 01274-235550

Students who wish to apply for admission to the Doctoral Programme are advised that they should:

  1. complete the University application form which is available from us
  2. provide the names and addresses of two academic referees who could comment on your suitability to undertake research degree activity
  3. forward to us a two-three page A4 outline of your proposed research topic, identifying the rationale for the research, its objectives, the research methods to be used, and the likely contribution to knowledge.

The Department endeavours to reach a decision within two months of a detailed application from a candidate applying from the UK and within three months in the case of a candidate applying from outside the UK. Two factors govern the speed with which we can process your application: the quality and detail of your research outline; and the time that it takes for your referees to provide us with informative reports. Where practical, we ensure that an interview with the candidate forms part of the admissions process (a telephone discussion may be more appropriate in the case of students outside the UK).

The admissions process involves at least two other members of staff in the Department besides the Co-ordinator of the Programme and gives particular attention to ensuring equality of opportunity. For this reason we are obliged to follow a stringent procedure of selection. Students should note that we attach importance to admitting students with special needs, as long as we can ensure that an effective support structure exists within our institution.

In preparing an application, students should note that we apply the following criteria in assessing the candidate’s potential for a research degree:

It is also important that the financial arrangements are clarified at the outset. Students who wish to apply for awards from the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council are advised that they must discuss their research topic in detail with members of this Department before submitting a funding application. If wishing to apply to ESRC for funding, it is essential to have your application lodged with the Department no later than 1 March.

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