MA/PG Diploma in East European Studies:



Compulsory modules:

* Research Methods on Modern Europe Single

* Research Workshop Single


Optional modules:

Students choose TEN single modules or their equivalents from the following:

* The Baltic States in the Twentieth Century Single

* Poland since 1919 Double

* Germany and Eastern Europe Single

* Russia and Europe Double

* Central Europe in the Twentieth Century Double

* The Balkans in the Twentieth Century: Greece and Yugoslavia Double

* Unity and Diversity in Northern Europe from the Eighteenth Century to the Present Double


* Transitions to Democracy in Europe and Latin America Double

* Europe in the International System (not available in 1997-98) Single

* Europe’s Changing Relations Single

* Macroeconomic Issues in European Integration (not avail. in 1997-98) Single

* A language module (as available) Double

* An option from one of the other MA/PG Diploma schemes Single/ Double

* An elective from the MA in the Management Centre Single/ Double




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