Computing ExperienceTony Hargreaves - Computing Experience Computing Experience
Machine Languages Time Applications
IBM 1620/2 Fortran 1 Year Part of Maths Degree.
Elliot 803 Algol 3 Years Part of Maths Degree.
Unisys Series L SL3,SL5 Assemblers 7 Years Wide range of applications.
Unisys B700,B90,B1900 etc, COBOL 4 Years Accounting, Time Recording, Contracting, Banking, Series S interface.
RPG 12 Progs
Univac 90/60 COBOL 1 Year Large Commercial system.
RPG + OS/4 6 Progs
Unisys B20 Basic 8 Progs Critical Path Analysis, Pattern Generation.
Unisys B30 + DP500 Pascal A little IPS, DP500 systems software.
Unisys S4100 + S4000 EPLX * 5 Years Remittance Processing, Data Transfer, Proof of Deposit, UK IPS, Systems software
* Note EPLX is VERY similar to COBOL with extensions for document processing and has data-comm and real-time facilities.
Unisys V430 COBOL A little IPS.
Unisys MT1500, IDE's Assembler 2 Systems Time Recording, Commercial.
AEL 2 Systems
Also some work with Unisys data-comm languages TCL, NDL and MPL II and Yourden design using Teamwork on Appolo's.
PC's HTML (text editors) XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and DHTML 6 years + Around 2000 pages. This CV, a CGI shop, numerous course exercises and projects. Dept. European Studies Bradford University. Keighley College, Arts Factory and Adapt projects at Keighley College.
Java 3 Months CV examples and course exercises.
PHP/MySQL 5 Months Examples at
XML, ASP, Perl, WML A bit Couple of small projects each
HP Unix Shell scripting, C, C++, Oracle, Forms Designer, X Windows 1 course project each Shop's - car rental, video hire. Pools coupons.

Systems Software

Machine Systems Time
Unisys B20/B30 CTOS Used for Basic, Pascal as above
Unisys B1900 Native mode Used for 4 years S4000 developments
Unisys Small B Series CANDE Very familiar
CMS Very familiar
GEMCOS Written 2 TCL's, modified 2 NDL's and 2 MPL II progs.
Univac 90/60 OS/4 1 year JCL
Unisys S Series Utilities 1 year modification, 5 years use.
Bisync II 3 years data comm to IBM and other systems
Unisys DP500 Customiser 6 Months
Unisys V430 CANDE + VCS Used for 1 year S4000 development
Unix Unix Used for 4 months
PC's Windows NT, 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP Used for 6 years +
PC,s and Mac's Dreamweaver, Paintshop, Photoshop 6 years. See examples in CV and Keighley College work
Director, Frontpage, QuarkXpress, Animation Shop etc. Some, see examples of Director in CV.