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Website Designer for the Keighley Community Learning Club - January 2001 to December 2002.
Incorporating Keighley On-Line, Keighley Disabled People's Centre, The Russell St. Project and the Sangat Centre. Also responsible for the Keighley College website, the Arts Factory site, the Walking Club site. Assisted staff and students in many aspects of IT and I continue to develop and extend my skills.

Co-ordinator of the Adapt project - Keighley College - May 99 to December 2000
Adapt is a national project aimed at using multimedia and the internet in the delivery of courses. I developed web-sites for; The 1999 Water Regulations, Combination Boiler Fault Finding and Industrial Robotics. I also created pages for the College Course Information and pages for the Arts Factory art gallery. I have also in my spare time continued to study various computer languages and applications. Please see Interests on the first page.

Website Developer - European Studies University of Bradford - Dec 98 to Apr 99
Brightening, extending and updating the Departments' web-site. I also had the opportunity to use Paintshop, Photoshop and various applications including AOLpress, FTP, text editors and scanning applications used in the creation of web-pages.

Dec 92 to May 97 - Unisys re-structuring lead me to become self-employed, and I later had to spend a large amount of time sorting out taxation problems regarding my work in America, and winding up my company. During 97 and 98 I studied for a Post-Graduate Certificate and a BTEC. See Education on first page.

Consultant(Contract) - Unisys Citygate London - Sep 91 to Nov 92
Solely responsible for maintaining the S4000 part of Lloyds Bank cheque processing. Also Midland and Ulster Bank and UK Base IPS, using V430's with VCS.

Consultant(Contract) - Unisys Livingston Scotland - Apr 90 to Jan 91
Design, documentation, test script writing, testing and consultation for the DP500 PTA and RPA packages.

Consultant(Contract) - Unisys Chicago USA - Feb 89 to Dec 89
Consultation and programming S4000 applications including the RPS part of the S4000 Concentrator package and the Unisys award winning S4000 Mark-Sense project also systems for the Chicago Fed. Contract cancelled Dec 89.

Consultant(Contract) - Unisys Stockholm Sweden - 26/11/88 to 15/12/88
Consultation and problem solving on bank Giro processing applications for Privatgiro ab.

Consultant(Contract) - Unisys Boston USA - Dec 86 to Nov 88
Consultation and programming on S4000 for Banks, Credit Unions, Mutual Fund Investors, etc. Mainly remmittance processing and data-comm transfers to processing centres.

Consultant(Contract) - Unisys Livingston Scotland - Oct 84 Aug 85
Development of S4000 systems software utilities. Special responsibility for the Archive/Retrieve utility and the Foreign Language options.

Systems Analyst - Unisys London - Jan 83 to Sep 84
Manufacturing LOB Dept.
Designing and development for B.A.T. Time and Attendance system using MT1500's and twin CP9500's Mainly in COBOL using CANDE on a B1900. The system is permanently on-line and has automatic and real-time features.
CMS Dept.
Suite of programmes for Citybank in COBOL for a B90 which edits, reports and re-formats data from an S3900 for transfer to an IBM 370.
Series S Dept.
Proof of Deposit programmes in EPLX using CANDE on a B1900, for S4100's used by Midland and National Westminster Banks

Analyst/Prog. - Clarksons Int. Coventry - Feb 81 to Dec 81
General programming on a large commercial system on a Univac 90/60 (similar to IBM 370) with some work in RPG and OS/4 assembler. Supervising and training 2-3 people.I left as the department (and later the site) was being closed down.

Head of Unisys L and B Depts. - Simdell Coventry - Sep 78 to Dec 80
Responsible for producing applications software, projects included:
B700 Sales system written in COBOL, RPG and AEL. B800 on-line sales system in COBOL using CANDE and GEMCOS. Supervision and training of 3-4 programmers. Lack of customers for the sales package and loss of market share prompted me to leave.

Head of Software - Diba Co. (UNISYS) Tehran Iran - Aug 77 to Dec 77
Sales support and software development for Series L. Responsible for 3 programmers. Projects included re-designing a sales system for Ceiba-Geigy which abolished an 11 month, 1000+ cassette backlog, and reduced the monthly processing time from 164 hours to 18 hours. I was unable to renew the contract due to the revolution.

Consultant - Statham Consultants Manchester - Mar 76 to Apr77
Systems design, programming and installation on Series L's. Projects included a sales system for timber merchants, which became a Unisys programme product, and a suite of programmes for a marine engineering company. Some programming in RPG and COBOL for B700's and B1700's.

Senior Programmer - Queens Rd. Hoyles Halifax - Oct 75 to Feb 76
Design, programming and installation on Series L's. Supervision and training of 3-4 programmers.

Programmer - Northern Data Processing Bradford - Oct 72 to Sep 75
Applications programming in Burroughs (Unisys) Assemblers on Series L's for many different customers. Some of my programmes became Burroughs Programme Products.